An update on our FERC process

In August, FERC issued a formal Response to Additional Study Requests, which provided a determination of which project studies required more in-depth analysis.  Of the 34 Studies in-question, FERC replied that 12 of them needed additional clarification.   In September, Hydro drafted Study Plans to address the clarifications and submitted them to FERC for approval.

FERC has just issued a letter “requesting The Nevada Hydro Company, Inc. to file Additional Information and Comments on Study Plans within 90 days re the Lake Elsinore Advance Pumped Storage Project under P-14427,” and posted it on its website.

In the letter, FERC notes that commission staff have reviewed and approved five study plans and requests the studies be completed by June 30, 2019.  The studies, which include lake water quality (Studies 4 & 7), Decker Canyon aquifer impact (Study 8), visual simulations (Study 30), and Traffic Analysis (Study 31) will be submitted to FERC and also published on our website as soon as they are complete. FERC noted that two studies, regarding seismic hazard (Study 2) and geotechnical (Study 3) don’t need to be reviewed and approved unless and until the Commission issues a license for the project.

FERC has requested revisions to five of the study plans submitted in September. These include Threatened and Endangered Species (Study 9), Vegetation Mapping (Study 18), Fire (Study 28), Historic Properties (Study 33), and Transformer Operation in transmission alignments (Study 34).

LEAPS is still in the early stages of the FERC application process. There are many more phases ahead and opportunities for public input.  The timeline of this process is variable and the pace is set by FERC depending on the volume of applications that they are processing at any given time.  The series of steps are outlined on our website at the following link:

FERC Licensing

Let’s Connect

It is our goal to keep the community informed on the Project and to be actively addressing many of the questions and concerns.  We recently established a presence on Facebook and Instagram to provide a platform to engage the community in discussion on the many questions that are swirling around Elsinore. We look forward to sharing our news, hearing your commentary and engaging in thoughtful discussions.  We invite you to like or follow our pages on Instagram and Facebook @LakeElsinorePumpedStorage.


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