A note from our founder

I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)’s comment period for our Final License Application (FLA) for LEAPS. We value your participation in the FERC process.

There were a total of XX letters submitted to FERC and posted under Docket Number P-14227 on FERC’s website during the 60-day comment period, including XX from individuals (form letter or otherwise) and 12 submissions from agencies, businesses, local governments, and the Pechanga Tribe.  We read every submission, grouping and quantifying them to identify common concerns and study requests.   

The issues that have been raised included: outdated studies or insufficient information; environmental and aesthetic impacts; effects on Lake Elsinore water levels and quality; protection of aquifers; effect on property value; risk of wildfires; health issues and transmission lines; seismic risk and noise, impacts on recreation; and mistrust of Nevada Hydro

Respondents suggested many studies, but the most commonly requested studies were in the following areas:

[this is the same list as in the previous paragraph]-Environmental Impact

  • Health Impact
  • Economic Impact
  • Traffic
  • Feasibility
  • Transmission placement
  • Cost
  • Project need

FERC is reviewing and evaluating your inputs as well and will use them to define the scope of work required for the LEAPS application.  We expect FERC will issue a scoping document in early January, which will define our obligations needed to comply with the FLA process.

As we satisfy the requirements and study requests, we will make this information available to you.   Further, we will hold the first of a series of informational workshops. My team and I are absolutely committed to meeting with you to discuss our project and your concerns.  We know you have questions, and we want to answer them clearly, honestly, and without getting too technical.  That said, the LEAPS project is backed by science, and the FERC process will direct the additional studies and research we need to do to ensure it can proceed in a way that protects the environment, respects or stakeholders, and benefits Lake Elsinore and the local economy. 

It is our goal to continue this dialogue and keep you all informed throughout our FERC process via email newsletters and our website. We invite any additional questions or concerns via email. Please direct inquiries to info@leapshydro.com.


Rexford Wait