Community Update

The LEAPS Project Team recently received the first Deficiency Notice and Request for Information from FERC. This notice is in response to the final license application. Deficiency Notices are part of the regulatory process that starts our dialogue with FERC by providing a list of the information and clarifications they would like addressed. FERC crafts this letter using their own analysis of the application, taking into account the comments submitted by stakeholders and agencies. The LEAPS team is pleased with the insightful requests on a variety of topics ranging from design and engineering to water quality, terrestrial resources and aesthetics. We are already hard at work meeting with resource agencies, government officials, and tribal representatives to initiate studies and answer information requests outlined in The Hydro Company’s Volume 14 Letter to FERC. We have been given 90 days to respond to the Deficiency Notice and Request for Information letter. A copy of their letter is available at the following link on our website: FERC Deficiency Notice and Request for Information

What Happens Next?
After the Additional Information Requests, FERC will require the following steps:

  • Provide feedback on the Additional Study Requests document
  • Issue Scoping Document 1 with a due date for Comments
  • Hold a Public Scoping Meeting
  • Issue Scoping document 2 (if necessary)
  • Issue REA Notice soliciting comments, recommendations, terms and conditions and prescriptions and provide a due date
  • Issue updated Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for comments by a due date
  • Issue a final Environmental Impact Study (If necessary)

The dates for these milestones are not yet available. We will publicize dates to this timeline, noting opportunities for public input, as soon as that information becomes available.

Save the Date…
In addition to FERC’s requirements, The Hydro Company will be hosting educational opportunities and workshops. As new studies are conducted, these workshops will provide community members the opportunity to learn about our research from the experts themselves. Newsletter subscribers will receive invitations via email in advance of those events.