Volume 15

Response to FERC Deficiency Letter

FERC Deficiency Letter


A-2 Design Report
A. Revised Exhibit A
B. Exhibit A Redline April 2018
C. Revised Exhibit B
D. Exhibit B Redline April 2018


B–2 Lands of the US

B–3 Exhibit B Operational Spreadsheet
Static Operational Spreadsheet *
*Dynamic Spreadsheet and Excel Add-in is available upon email request.

B-6 Water Supply
A. Lake Elsinore Fill and Operate Agreement
B. Water Management Agreement
C. Stipulation to Extend and Continue
D. Harnessing LEAPS to Improve Water Quality
E. Southern California Tree Ring Study

B-8 Fisheries Management Plan
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11

B-9 Biological Monitoring of Lake Elsinore
A. Biological Monitoring of Lake Elsinore
B. Hydroacoustic Fisheries Survey for Lake Elsinore
C. Lake Elsinore General Fish Survey
B-11 Critical Habitats Response
B-12 Impact Duration Response
B–15 Tower Structure Summary Table
B-16 Construction Response
B–19 Revised List of Literature
B-20 Valley Rainbow Alternatives Report, Dudek 2002

B–21 Revised Maps
1.  Exhibit E Maps
Section 6
Section 7
Section 8
Section 9
Exhibit E Section 3 Bio Maps
2. Exhibit G Maps

B–23 US Forest Service Materials
Meeting Materials (2-28-18)
I. Copies of Letters Exchanged Between Parties
A. Cleveland Forest Letter
B. Nevada Hydro Response to Cleveland Forest Letter
C. USFS Letter Received January 25 2018
D. USFS Response to The Nevada Hydro Letter
II.  USFS Regulations
A. Inventoried Roadless Area 2001 Rule
B.  Application Processing
III. LEAPS Project Description
A. Maps from Greg
B. “Forest Workbook”
IV. Inventoried Roadless EIS Map
V. Nevada Hydro Form 299 Application
Copy of 2012 Application
1. Mr. Fletcher’s letter to Nevada Hydro
New 2018 Application
1. Corporate Documents
A. Articles of Incorporation
B. By Laws
C. Good Standing
D. Shareholders
2. CAISO Documents
CAISO Pleading
CAISO Letter
Follow up Materials
299 Application (3-5-18)
LEAPS Special Uses Screening Checklist
Nevada Hydro Response to FERC Information Request July 31 2017
NHC Responses to Supervisor Metz Letter
Meeting (3-26-18)
Nevada Hydro Meeting Notes (3-26-18)
USFS Screening Response to The Nevada Hydro

B-25  Project Cost
Revised Exhibit A Table A-1
Revised Table F-1
LEAPS Capital Cost Estimate

B–26  Cultural Resources Attachment
Cultural Resources Attachment
Native American Heritage Response