Volume 9

Response to FERC Volume 3

Schedule B Additional Information Requests:

Engineering and Economics

  • Effects on the SCE 115-kV System
  • Costs
  • Updated Table of Assumptions
  • 30-Year Cash-Flow Table Showing the Major Plant Capital Costs
  • 30-year Cash-Flow Table for each Environmental Measure
  • 30-year Cash-Flow Table for Major Alternative Plant Configurations


Water Quality and Quantity

  • Status of Water Rights, Purchase Agreements and Water Reuse
  • Lion Spring, Morrell Canyon and Project Features
  • Lion Spring
  • Conceptual Design Drawings of the Collection and Delivery System
  • Estimates of the Quantity and Characterization of the Water
  • Plan for Initial Baseline Water-Quality Sampling
  • Level of Effect of Cycling



  • Quantitative Information on Impacts to Terrestrial Resources
  •  Quantity and Compare the Acreage of each Cover Type Affected
  • Cover type within the Alternative Transmission Line Rights-of-Way
  •  Description of Wetlands and Riparian Areas
  • Existing Shoreline Vegetation and Proposed Mitigation Measures
  •  Invasive Plants
    • Existing Aquatic Vegetation in Lake Elsinore and Potential Project Effects
    • Upland, Wetland, and Riparian Weeds and Non-Native Invasive Plants and Proposed Control Measures
  • Special Status Wildlife Species
    • USFS Management Indicator Species (MIS) and USFS Sensitive Species
    • Bald Eagle Surveys and Potential Project Effects
    • Proposed Measures to Mitigate Impacts to Special Status Species
  • Additional Information about Bird use of Lake Elsinore
  • Additional Project Information
  • Proposed Designation of Critical Habitat for Allium Munzil (Munz’s Onion)
  • SHPO and Tribes – Correspondence and Distribution List
  • FERC Deficiency Distribution List
  • Phase 1 Electrical Interconnect Study
  • Final Aeration Monitoring Report